Reseller Web – Hosting

If you are a freelancer or a web designer, you can earn a good recurring revenue by offering hosting to your customers.

Our Hosting Reseller program is an easy way of earning regular income from your customers. We charge you a fixed, low monthly price for a number of FTP Accounts, and you charge any amount you want on top.

We handle all customer support for you, You get our award winning web hosting services under your own brand name, and you set your own prices – all for a small price.

Choose you package below;

10% Discounts available on other products

We offer our Resellers exclusive discounts on our products, either to help them with their own business or to sell on to their customers. You have the freedom to set your own prices and make a profit while also giving your customers the features they want.

You can resell Domain names, SSL certificates, Private servers and many others.

How many websites can I host?

You can host many websites as you want depending on Reseller Plan. We give customised plans for those who wish to host more than 30 websites. Just contact us. But you will be charged £1.70 per additional site on top of the monthly price. All prices include VAT at 20%.

Can I give my customers their own access?

Each hosting package comes with its own login and password for FTP or control panel access. It’s entirely up to you how much access you want to give your customers.

Are there limits on my customers hosting accounts?

Of course. All hosting packages have set limits on bandwidth, web space, number of databases, or number of email addresses but you choose which one-click installers and other control panel features your customers will have access to.